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Professional Piano Movers

Moving a piano requires expertise, skill, and experience. When searching online for “piano movers near me,” you’re bound to see plenty of results pop up. However, when it comes to piano and organ moving companies, only Golden Rule Moving sets a gold standard. 

Our piano moving company has years of experience providing piano moving services to Washington, MD, VA, and the DC Metro Region. Our team pairs transparent communication with affordable rates.

Why Should You Hire Professional Piano Movers?

Whether you are undertaking a long-distance move, are moving across town, or need to store items for an extended vacation, we are here to help you and take your stress away. 

Professional Piano Movers

Whether you have a small or grand piano, chances are it can be pretty heavy. Even smaller pianos range from around 300 to 400 pounds, while bigger pianos weigh up to 800 pounds.

Some pianos, like concert grands, can weigh 1,000 pounds or more. The bulk of a piano’s weight stems from its cast iron harp, which holds all of a piano’s strings together. 

Pianos also feature a hefty soundboard made from wood and a number of different mechanical parts. Of course, these elements add up, making a piano extremely heavy. 

Trying to move your piano, even with help from friends or family, is not advisable. Besides potentially damaging your piano, you can easily harm yourself or those around you. Instead, you should hire professionals specializing in safely moving and packing bulky items like pianos. 

Pianos Are Difficult To Move

Besides weighing a lot, pianos can be very difficult to move. An awkwardly shaped object makes a moving job more complicated, even if the object is light. 

Maneuvering a piano safely can be very cumbersome, especially in a building or home with tight corners. This problem escalates when going up or down a set of stairs. Our piano movers are experienced and know how to move your piano safely and efficiently.

Piano Injuries Can Be Deadly

While a piano falling out the window is a staple of many cartoons, the truth is that piano injuries can be deadly. An out-of-control piano, especially one rolling down the stairs, is a recipe for disaster. 


Even a seemingly minor injury like a strained or pulled back or muscle can have lingering effects. You need to take the proper precautions and care when moving a piano. Besides an injury to yourself, property damage can also be a concern. Expert moving companies can help you avoid these mishaps. 

Pianos Are Expensive, Delicate, and Sentimental

Pianos are often very delicate despite weighing up to 1,000 pounds. Traditional pianos feature around 7,500 moving parts and thousands of wood pieces. Even minor damage during a move can change how a piano plays music. 

Another factor affecting a piano’s delicacy and the price is its age. First invented in the 18th century, pianos quickly became a status symbol, and little has changed in that regard since then. 

While manufacturers still produce pianos today, a traditional piano holds great value. Naturally, purchasing an antique piano will cost more than a modern and compact electric or digital piano. Something minor, like scratching a piano’s finish or breaking a leg, can impact its value significantly.

Since traditional pianos come with a hefty price tag, you’ll want to do everything you can to protect yours during a move. Additionally, for many people, pianos are sentimental items that might be priceless heirlooms passed down through their families. 

The cost to move a piano might be cheaper when bribing your friends with pizza or hiring an amateur moving company. However, you could end up with a broken piano—or worse—in the process. 

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This is a small company at its best. I dealt directly with Sean, the owner, about everything. Sean is a real professional and a pleasure to deal with. The three men who moved an elderly family member from MA to Asbury Methodist Village in MD were courteous, careful, and efficient. Pricing is reasonable. Would without question use them again.


Pretty amazing that they have received all 5s! Although I had to cancel, Sean came up with a great plan to empty out the apartment of a student who was hospitalized. He was gracious, kind, and reasonably priced. Based on pictures and other reviews I can’t imagine you’d be anything less than 100% satisfied.


Hey, Sean, Belated thanks for an excellent move a week and a half ago for my mother at Asbury in Gaithersburg. Everything went so smoothly, there were no problems. The guys from Golden Rule were professional and nice people as well, which I appreciated because for my family it was stressful.

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